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LYNKAGE: Welcome, Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the music industry?

K.K: I am Kris Kelli, a Jamaican born Reggae/Pop singer. I was discovered singing “Turn off the lights” a Nelly Furtado original at Karaoke by Nelly Furtado`s manager, Chris Smith who is based in Toronto, Canada in August 2002.

LYNKAGE: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a female artiste?

K.K: They are a lot of challenges in this industry for both males and females; however as a female being in a male-dominated industry, it’s a bit more challenging for the males to take us seriously, in terms of getting us booked for shows or even getting the proper airplay that we deserve.

LYNKAGE: What is your most memorable moment as a singer?

K.K: I would have to say that my most memorable moment however is headlining a major concert in Okinawa, which is a country directly below Japan. I was the only Jamaican artiste on the show, let alone female artiste, so I definitely represented our country well.

LYNKAGE: Where else have you performed outside of Jamaica?

K.K: I have fortunately been to a lot of countries due to my music. Some include Japan, countries in the Caribbean, Europe, and Canada and off course the U.S.

LYNKAGE: What are some of the not so good moments as an entertainer?

K.K: As an entertainer we are always in the publics’ eye. Even when we are not working, we are basically still on show. So it`s good to know how to balance being an entertainer and still have a personal life.

LYNKAGE: What is that one thing that gets on your nerves?

K.K: I terribly despise hypocrites.

LYNKAGE: What Makes your Day?!!!

K.K: Doing what I love to do best, Music.

LYNKAGE: What do you do in your free time?

K.K: In my free time, I love to relax with my family and friends, watch some DVDs and read novels. I am a very laid back person when I am not working. I try to appreciate the quiet times as much as possible.

LYNKAGE: What is it like being you?

K.K: Being me, is great because every day I wake up knowing that my job is also my passion. I run my own label, Double K Records, alongside my Double K team, so I am always working and learning as much of the business as possible.

LYNKAGE: Do you write your own songs?

K.K: Yes I write my own material.


LYNKAGE: What inspires you to your songs?

K.K: Everyday life experiences bring out different emotions and feelings in me. So I draw on that for inspiration to express myself to the public.

LYNKAGE: If you are the last person on earth who should the last man be?

K.K: My significant other off course J

LYNKAGE: Who is your favorite artiste?

K.K: That’s very difficult to choose only one. However, I am and will always be a HUGE Aaliyah fan. May she rest in peace.

LYNKAGE: What has been happening with you?

K.K: I have been doing ALOT of work in completing the tracks for my sophomore album titled “Journey”. One of the singles off of this album is known as “Kotch Aroun” (Crab in a barrel), which has been getting a great amount of airplay both locally and internationally. It was also number 1 on the U.K top ten Reggae charts for 5 consecutive weeks. The video was shot last week and will be released in another week. I directed it alongside E-Mc (pronounced E.M.C). It is going to be HOTTTT!!!

LYNKAGE: Who are some of the people you have collaborated with, and name some of which you would like to work with?

K.K: I have been blessed to work with a number of amazing artistes in Jamaica. Some include, Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Macka Diamond, Konshens, Bay-C from T.O.K, Peetah Morgan from Morgan Heritage just to name a few. However, I would love to do some work with Damian and Stephen Marley; I think that would be very interesting.

LYNKAGE: What is your view on the broadcasting commission’s decision to ban certain songs?
K.K: I believe that there is a time and place for everything, and as artistes we live off of freedom of expression. However, we are also looked up on as role models whether we like it or not. So as artistes, we need to recognize our target audience to guide us with our lyrical content, whether it is fit for “Prime-Time” airplay or should be played only at a certain time of night(after hours).

LYNKAGE: Where do you see yourself the next five to ten years?

K.K: I am slowly but surely working on an Empire, this includes taking my career to another level internationally, as well as expanding my Record label, producing all of my tracks as well as for other artistes. I will be working on a clothing line in the next few years to come, as well as doing some acting. So look out!


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